Charta Conservation is an independent Book, Paper and Archive Conservation practise offering specialist preventive and interventive conservation services to archives, libraries and individuals.

The Studio is based in Central Scotland and its services are available UK-wide and abroad.

Preserving history for the people of today and tomorrow


Our work adheres to the most up to date national and international preservation Standards & Ethics. We provide clients with photographic and textual documentation, and an open dialogue is maintained throughout.
We hold a comprehensive insurance cover including Professional Indemnity, Public/Products Liability, Entrustments and Transport.


Library books, stationary bindings, historic and modern volumes. Charta Conservation takes care of your books, from the careful stabilisation of historic bindings, that aims at preserving all their archaeological characteristics, to more interventive treatments to safeguard highly damaged volumes.


Repair of losses, tears, cuts, mould or pests affected paper. Treatment of staining, foxing, discolouration, adhesive tape removal. These are some of the treatments Charta can undertake to help preserving letters, maps, plans, prints, documents and other paper-based objects.


Charta Conservation specialises in the treatment of archive materials, including professional cleaning and rehousing of collections and individual items. Parchment and paper documents, maps, plans, tracing papers, wax seals, stationary bindings and historic archival volumes.


Charta Conservation undertakes assessments for digitisation projects and treatments aimed at stabilising objects for safe handling and imaging.
Preservation surveys to inform collection care activities, conservation reports and  preservation advice are also available.

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